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Holt's Baptist Church was organized on December 21, 1924.  The name Holt's came from the original land owner, Mr. Holt.  On December 21, 1924, a body of nine members met together at Holt's School House and organized the church.  Those nine members were:  George McDaniel, John McDaniel, James Noe, Ben Morgan, Laura Noe, Laura McDaniel, Eva McDaniel, Nancy McDaniel, and Virdie McDaniel.
In 1979, a new sanctuary was built.  On November 18, 1979, the congregation met in the old sanctuary and had prayer.  The congregation then marched into the new sanctuary and held the rest of the church services.
On Sunday, March 24, 1984, a note burning was held signifying the final payment on the new church.  Following the note burning, the church gathered on the altar and offered a dedication prayer to God.
In 1997, a building expansion program was undertaken with an addition to the sanctuary, a new library, a new sound room, additional Sunday School rooms, and an extra parking area.  The building program was completed in 1998.
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